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This summer is proving to be an exceptionally hot one as we come to the end of July. With high temperatures and high humidity, energy consumption for air conditioning will have energy costs at a seasonal high! This month, the Robillard team will discuss how to help keep energy cost down during a heat wave. Heat waves are especially taxing on your air conditioning system as well as your power grid. During a heat wave, air conditioning systems tend to run almost non-stop to keep up, especially when humidity holds steadily at 70-80%. This can potentially lead to accidental breaker tripping or even full-scale power outages depending on the size of the home an air conditioning system is trying to keep cool. In order to ensure that your home stays comfortable without endangering your power grid, here are some tips to help out while we all endure recurring heat waves this summer!

1. Maintain Your System!

While your system is running more often during the weeks-long heatwaves, it is paramount to ensure that everything is running optimally. If you haven’t already read through last month’s blog, be sure to read through it and follow the tips for mid-summer maintenance! Most importantly, pay special attention to your system filters. As your air conditioning will be running almost non-stop during heat waves it is crucial that vents and filters maintain optimum airflow.

2. Utilize Door Jams

Remember those door jams you just packed away from winter? It’s time to fish them out of where they were tossed. Normally, door jams are used to keep warm air in during the winter, but the same concept can be applied in the summer with cold air! For the best energy cost saving potential, be sure to utilize them at frequently trafficked entryways. If used correctly, this tip alone should cause a noticeable cooling effect for individual rooms.

3. Keep Blinds Closed

While humidity certainly plays a part in making the heat feel worse than it is, direct sunlight is what drastically increases inside temperatures. To help offset the non-stop heat, do anything you can to decrease the amount of direct sunlight that enters your home, especially in zoned rooms. This will help to save energy costs by reducing the amount of time that your air conditioning system is called to run.

4. Schedule A Professional System Check

Once you’ve done everything we’ve talked about this month, it’s time to bring in the experts! Call the Robillard Team to take a detailed look at your system and identify any issues that could impact your energy cost saving efforts, or potentially lead to breaker tripping or power outages. There could be problems you may have missed while cleaning registers and vents, so let us perform more involved steps of proper HVAC summer maintenance to ensure that you stay comfortable, save on energy costs, and keep your system running during these oppressive heat waves.


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