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Your HVAC Spring Cleaning Checklist

With the arrival of Spring comes a wave of motivation for Spring cleaning and a great opportunity to set yourself up for a comfortable Spring and Summer. One of the best areas of your home to practice Spring Cleaning is your HVAC system. With temperatures rising by the day and the best weather of the year approaching, it is in your best interest to make sure that your air conditioning system is ready to for heavy use and your vents, ducts, and fans are free of dust and debris buildup. If you utilize this transitional period now while the effects of winter are still making their exit, you’ll be all set to go enjoy the beautiful Spring days and return to a perfectly comfortable home. Here are some of the best tips and practices for your HVAC Spring Cleaning:

Check & Clean Ducts & Filters

It’s tempting to forget about dusting and cleaning the different elements of your HVAC system as they are often out of sight, but your vents, air ducts, and air conditioning filters will certainly require attention after a long Fall and Winter. Make sure to inspect these areas for buildup and check your air filters, which are likely due for a quick and easy replacement, to ensure top performance throughout the season and prevent potential failures down the road.

Exterior Unit Inspection & Clearing

It is crucial to take some of the burden off of your central air system by inspecting and maintaining the often neglected exterior unit. Check your unit for any buildup, debris, or obstructions that could cause your air conditioning system to be overworked, ineffective, or even compromised. It’s best to get this done before the days get especially hot, and a little bit of maintenance will have you relaxing for the rest of the season.

Humidifier Maintenance

Much like your air conditioning unit, it’s best to check on your humidifier before the weather truly changes into the hot, balmy days that come with Spring and early Summer. If you take the time to inspect, clean, and dry out your humidifier, and even replace the filter if applicable, then you are far less likely to experience any messy humidifier malfunctions down the road. Use this time wisely and you will feel the beneficial effects of your humidifier until the arrival of Fall.

Clean Bathroom Fans

There is no sense in dusting and mopping your bathroom if the fans are going to be spraying dust and debris consistently. It’s also bad for your fans to experience any resistance or blockage considering their consistent usage. Make one of your first Spring Cleaning tasks to check and clean the dust and debris from your bathroom fans and you will be one step ahead of the game.

Schedule Routine Maintenance

The last thing that you’d want to experience during a beautiful Spring day or hot Summer scorcher is a HVAC system failure due to neglect or an unforeseen issue. Utilize this transitional period to have your HVAC specialists inspect and perform routine maintenance on your system to prevent unnecessary malfunctions and failures down the road. These preventative measures will save you time and money when you’ll want to be spending your time exploring or relaxing in a comfort.


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