August Humidity New England

August and September are the most humid months in Massachusetts and peak humidity comes in at 82-85% at around 4:00 AM. This can cause great discomfort and confusion while you sleep with a standard window A/C unit, as you go to bed in comfort and wake up in smothering conditions. Excess humidity has also been shown to lower tolerance for warm temperatures and reduce the relaxing effect of traditional air conditioners, so it’s an important factor to consider with your overall energy efficiency. There are multiple steps that you can take to avoid unpleasant conditions in your home without breaking the bank (or your A/C unit).

Create An Energy Efficient Cooling Schedule For August & September

When attempting to manage high temperatures and humidity levels, it’s helpful and important to consider the climate patterns that are common to the New England area during the late stage of Summer. Air conditioning systems work best when you’re not aiming for a drastic difference from the outdoor temperature to the indoor temperature and avoid massive swings in either direction. If you can create a schedule that isn’t constantly overworking your system, you’ll have a more manageable energy bill and you’ll be less likely to encounter breakdowns and malfunctions down the road.

Typically, the humidity in New England peaks before dawn and tends to drop to its lowest level during the mid afternoon. You’ll want to have your cooling cycle start in the middle of the night before the outdoor humidity spike to create a gradual change in the temperature and humidity in your home. The system will continue running and working hard with top external temperatures occurring around lunch time and slowly decreasing from there. Then, you can coordinate your cooling schedule to ramp down accordingly to the point where it isn’t overly necessary in the evening. This gradual, consistent cooling plan works with the elements rather than fighting against them, and this will allow you to be able to schedule the cooling cycle to restart late at night before peak humidity so you can sleep comfortably and wake up on a good note without surging your energy bill.

Try A Dehumidifier In Your Bedroom

If the temperature isn’t your only concern during the home stretch of summer, a standalone home dehumidifier may be an investment worth considering. From large tank floor dehumidifiers to small, compact desktop models, you have plenty of options to find a good fit for your needs and, ideally, have your new device blend seamlessly into your existing decor. Your best option depends on how big your bedroom is and how affected you currently are by the humidity. Starting with a smaller device can be less expensive for dryer rooms and you can always move your starter unit to your kitchen or office space when you upgrade. Conversely, a larger tank unit means that you have to empty the water reservoir less often and, once you find the best location for it, you can set it and forget it more or less. You may enjoy more comfortable sleep and a smoother transition into fall weather with the right dehumidifier.

Proper Door & Window Insulation & Practices

One of the most common pieces of advice when it comes to temperature and humidity control is also one of the simplest and easiest: close your doors and windows tightly and make sure they are insulated properly. Your biggest concern with your air conditioning system is whether cold air is escaping or warm air is leaking inside. Multiple insulation checks every Summer along with regular window checks can save you money on your energy bill and reduce stress on your cooling system all year long. This is especially crucial for any doors or windows near your main thermostat, as that can create a ripple effect throughout your entire system. This is a simple yet effective way to make your house more efficient and more comfortable.


When you coordinate your smart thermostat to work with the weather and pair that with a quality dehumidifier, your home will be remarkably comfortable as you enjoy the end of the Summer in peace. These tips will take you under an hour to complete and will exponentially improve your quality of life at home.

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