The Benefits of Programmable Thermostats During Fall In New England

Optimizing Your Thermostat to Combat the Shifting Fall Weather

The transition from late Summer into early Fall in New England always provides homeowners with a number of dilemmas regarding their home temperature: Should I run the heat or the air conditioner today? How do I stay comfortable? Throughout October, the weather has baffled homeowners with mornings in the low 40’s and even high 30’s followed by a drastic swing to mid to high 70 degree afternoons and weekends. The changes in temperature cause you to bundle up to heat up the car in the morning and shed down to short sleeves by lunch time if you’re not paying close attention to the forecast or your thermostat settings. One way to combat this strange transition in weather and temperature is with a programmable thermostat. As these devices become more accessible than ever, they provide a number of benefits and advantages to home owners no matter how tech friendly they are. Learn more about the benefits of programmable thermostats below.

Consistent Comfort

If you rely on changing your thermostat whenever you start to feel discomfort, you are giving the weather a head start and fighting a losing battle. Instead of preparing, manual manipulation of the thermostat is only reactive. If you utilize your work and home schedule to your advantage along with the climate of the season, your home will remain comfortable whenever you are home. You won’t have to crank the heat or air conditioner after a night of uncomfortable sleep, or come home to a sweltering or chilling home. Every room in the house will be the temperature it is supposed to be, all without you needing to lift a finger. With a few minutes of preparation each season (or even once a year) you can enjoy effortless and consistent comfort for the months ahead.

Ease of Use

A major benefit of taking a few brief minutes to schedule your programmable thermostat is the time and effort it saves you down the road. Simply adapting your heating and cooling schedule to your typical work and home routine will reduce the amount of time you’ll spend standing in front of the thermostat in the future. Most thermostats have a simple interface to set your schedule, and there are even models that you can access through an app on your computer, smartphone or tablet. No matter how familiar you are with technology or what your price threshold is, establishing your air conditioning routine has never been easier.

Higher Efficiency & Cheaper Energy Bills

Having a carefully planned air conditioning schedule isn’t just great saving you time during the day. A properly calibrated thermostat can reduce energy waste and save you tens to hundreds of dollars on your energy bill in the process. A programmed thermostat schedule can make use of the times where your home doesn’t need to be actively heated or cooled, like while you are at work or the kids are at school. You can also work in downtime for your system while you are sleeping or any extended periods of time you will be out of the house on weekends, saving your air conditioner from pumping hot or cold air for no reason. Keeping your home a more consistent temperature without big spikes or swings has also been a documented way of increasing efficiency and saving money for homeowners. By taking the waste and the guesswork out of your central air schedule, you can enjoy months of comfort and savings all due to five minutes of planning per year.

Longer Air Conditioner Lifespan

One of the issues with manually shifting the temperature in high swings is that it puts unnecessary and sometimes debilitating stress on your air conditioning system. If you wait until your house is cold to spike the heat, or wait until a sunny afternoon warms your home to an uncomfortable temperature before plunging the thermostat to 60 degrees, you are making your system work incredibly hard to make up the difference in a short period of time. If you have your schedule set, however, there will naturally be less of a gap to overcome. The consistency brought by a programmable thermostat will moderate the amount of energy used while keeping you and your family comfortable no matter the forecast. A less hectic Fall transition means that your air conditioning system will be running strong for years to come.


If you have put off updating your thermostat until now, there is no better time to improve your quality of life and regulate your home temperature. With regular sales on new models of smart thermostats, especially in the coming holidays, you can make the switch with a minimal investment and a quick and easy setup. A few minutes of effort today will have you living in comfort not just this year, but for the foreseeable future.


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