Furnace Cleaning

How A Simple Maintenance Plan Can Save You Money & Prevent Repairs Or Health Risks

The weather in New England has already started cooling drastically as the Fall season winds down towards Winter. With sub-30 degree mornings, home owners begin reaching for the thermostat and cranking up the heat every morning. It is crucial during the Fall, however, to have your furnace checked, cleaned, and serviced before the true harsh Winter weather has arrived. A few quick and easy maintenance visits can save you hundreds, if not thousands, down the road and prevent you and your family from being vulnerable to the cold once December hits. The process of cleaning the combustion chamber, inspecting the flue pipe, replacing the oil and air filters, testing and adjusting the burner, and cleaning the vents are instrumental in a more efficient and reliable heating system year round. Regular cleaning and maintenance have the following benefits:

Improving System Efficiency

Cleaning your furnace and clearing your heating system of built up rust, dirt and dust will help each component of your system run smoother and more efficiently. From your combustion chamber to your gas lines, keeping them clean and clear of obstacles is crucial for higher performance and a lower energy bill. If you find that your thermostat needs to be cranked a little more to achieve adequate heating results or your heating bill is skyrocketing for no apparent reason, a proper professional furnace inspection and cleaning should be the next course of action.

Preventing Contaminants & Irritants From Circulating In Your Home

Getting rid of all the dust, dirt, dander and other debris from your furnace and ducts is essential not just for the performance of your furnace, but also for the health of you and your family. The particulates removed from your pipes and ducts will reduce unnecessary risk of allergies and asthma, especially in young children, or respiratory issues in older family members. Also, the flue pipe must be inspected for leaks or blockages to prevent carbon monoxide from filling your home and putting your family in danger. The replacement of your oil filter should prevent more contaminants from entering the heating process. Likewise, a new air filter will help you maintain high air quality throughout the house. Regular maintenance and filter replacements are your best bets for reducing contaminants and respiratory issues from your heating system.

Diagnosing Potential Issues & Repairs

Servicing your furnace isn’t just about vacuuming your vents and ducts, it’s also about checking the efficiency, performance, and integrity of your heating system. Having a professional inspect your entire system could prevent missed damages or unforeseen issues from cropping up and causing your system to fail in the middle of Winter. A HVAC professional can perform preventative maintenance and make timely repairs and replacements before you truly need them, providing exponential value down the road. If you haven’t had your heating system properly inspected since the Spring, now is the best time to do so. You’ll be thanking yourself when you’re waking up in a properly heated home all Winter.

Prolonging The Lifespan Of Your Furnace

With high efficiency, minimal resistance and regular preventative maintenance, your furnace will be primed for a long life of heating your home. The less buildup your system experiences, the less you experience unnecessary damage or require costly repairs. The best way to keep your furnace running without issue is by replacing filters and regularly inspecting your unit. Setting up a furnace maintenance plan with your HVAC company will be the best decision you could make this Fall.

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