HVAC Maintenance

Spring is finally here, and summer is soon to follow. While you and your family might want to stay cool with your air conditioning system, it is important to start the season off with some basic spring HVAC maintenance. While this can seem daunting to the average homeowner, everything covered today can be easily tackled in a single weekend. Your HVAC system is an important aspect of your home, especially during the warmer months, so Robillard is here to make sure it’s properly cared for.

Blocked Outdoor Units

While you might not think about it at first, your outdoor unit is the first step for HVAC maintenance. Throughout the year, debris can build up and negatively impact the unit’s performance. Sticks, leaves, dirt, and more can all cut back on airflow and make your unit struggle to keep up. Take a couple of minutes to clear the area around your outdoor air conditioning unit, giving it enough space for proper airflow. If necessary, cut back any surrounding branches or grass that could pose a problem in the future. These relatively simple steps can benefit your unit’s performance and save you any future headaches.

Dirty Filters

The most common culprit of poor airflow is a dirty or clogged filter. Filters should be checked often, about once a month, to make sure things are running properly. A dirty filter could be costing you money, as a clogged filter will force your system to work overtime to keep up with demands. Dirt, bacteria, mold, and more will collect on the filter and eventually be pumped into your home when the air conditioning comes on. Keeping your filter clean is as simple as washing or vacuuming it. Make sure your system is powered off before removing the filter, then give it a quick inspection. If dust is your main problem, a vacuum cleaner might be all you need. If this fails, a simple light wash with water or a soak in a mixture of water/vinegar can do the trick. Make sure to let the filter dry before returning it to the unit. However, keep in mind that filters do eventually need to be replaced – if you notice any tears or a large amount of buildup, consider replacing the filter and starting fresh.

Compromised Insulation

Over time, your insulation system can start to degrade. Whether it is a result of water damage or extreme heat, insulation can start to break down and crumble. This results in suboptimal performance, as the system needs to work harder to keep things comfortable inside. You can perform a quick check on your outdoor system by looking at the lines and looking for any observable cracks or tears. Only one line, the cooling line, will be insulated – the remaining two require no insulation. Exposed piping might not seem like an issue now, but it can ultimately hurt your wallet. Notice anything off with your insulation? Contact us for our HVAC maintenance services to get your system running smoothly.

A Fresh Start

You’ve taken every step and precaution, but your house remains hot and nothing seems to be working right. It may be time to consider a new HVAC system. There are many warning signs, so be on the lookout for any of the following.

  • Are you constantly repairing your system?
  • Is your house humid or too warm?
  • Experiencing strange noises or smells whenever your unit is on?
  • Paying more to run your system?
  • Noticing more dust and particles floating in your home?

If you notice one or more of these, give us a call. A new unit could be just the change you need. Ductless mini-split systems are an excellent option, as they require minimal maintenance to keep running. Without ducts or anything too complex, your HVAC maintenance process next spring could be far simpler. Robillard HVAC is here to help with your spring maintenance needs, whether you need some repairs or an entirely new system.

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If you’re looking for spring HVAC maintenance in North Central Massachusetts or South Central New Hampshire, Robillard HVAC is the call to make. Whether you need some basic care, or an entirely new system, we have you covered. Contact Robillard HVAC today and see how we can make your home cooler and safer.

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