With temperatures dropping and no remaining signs of summer, it is likely that you will be turning on your heating system sometime in the next month. Many look forward to this time of year, but some fear the rising HVAC costs that plague the season. If you are already worrying about paying your heating bills, follow some of the featured tips to keep your HVAC costs low this year.

Warm Clothing and Decor

While it might go without saying, one of the easiest ways to keep your HVAC costs low is to dress appropriately. While it is comfortable to walk around in shorts, there is no need for your house to be this warm throughout the colder months. Instead, dress in layers (sweatshirts, slippers, and more) to keep your body warm. Additionally, changing your decor to accommodate the temperature can benefit you. Flannel sheets, thick comforters, and heavy blankets can make a major difference in your heating bill.

Using the Sun to Your Advantage

While temperatures might be cold throughout the season, the sun remains as hot as ever. By allowing some sunlight into your home, you can add some natural heating to your environment. The sun will be positioned on one side of your home, so leave these curtains and blinds open throughout the day. You might be surprised to see the impact this has on your HVAC costs.

Insulation and Venting

If you find that your home gets cold very easily, or that heating is barely doing the trick, you might need to improve your home’s insulation. Insulation works to keep your home warmer and prevents the cold breeze from entering your space. Blow-in insulation and fiberglass insulation will go great lengths in keeping your home much warmer, while sealing windows and doors will go further in keeping your HVAC costs lower than before. Vents should also be left unobstructed, allowing for seamless airflow.

Maintenance and Repair

If your HVAC system is underperforming, you might need to repair or perform maintenance on your system. Furnace filters should be replaced about once a month, keeping them clean and performing at the highest level. Beyond this, Robillard HVAC can step in and overhaul your system to make things operate smoothly. Our experts can provide maintenance that will check for malfunctions, cracks, worn parts, and much more. We can also replace or upgrade old furnace systems, lowering your HVAC costs and keeping you both warmer and safer.

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