While we have previously discussed different ways to reduce the overall usage of your heating system, there are even better ways to keep heating costs low. Maximizing your heating system efficiency enables your system to perform at optimal levels, leading to a warmer house and helping you avoid cold sleepless nights and unnecessarily high bills.

Remove Any Window A/C Units

The first step to optimizing heating system efficiency is to remove any window air conditioning units. While you might assume that your unit prevents airflow, there is a good chance that heat is escaping through the accordion extension panels as well as the unit itself. On top of this, cold air can easily creep in when your heating system is turned off. For this reason, we strongly recommend that you remove the unit once temperatures begin to drop, and safely store it away for spring.

Seal Doors & Windows

Gaps in doors and windows can lead to less than optimal operating conditions for your system. In order to maximize heating system efficiency, ensure all gaps and spaces are thoroughly sealed. To find potential leaks, turn off your heating system on a noticeably cold day and observe where you find cold spots in your home. Focus your search on areas by windows, doors, or even where walls connect. Additionally, you can check your basement or attic by turning off all the lights and seeing where the sun sneaks in. The best way to fix these errors is with weather stripping (around doors and windows) or caulking where possible. By sealing in the heat and blocking out the cold, your heating system efficiency will rise significantly.


Properly insulating your home plays a large role in how well it can both retain heat and repel the cold weather. If you have rooms that are uninsulated, such as the attic or garage, make sure that you minimize the effect that these can have on your overall system by checking to see if access points to these areas are well sealed. Also, it goes without saying that garage and attic doors should remain closed as often as possible.

General Maintenance Tips

Beyond these specifics, there are some general maintenance tips that can go a long way in increasing your heating system’s efficiency. The first step should be checking your ductwork, ensuring that there are no holes or gaps present. If you notice anything that can be easily fixed with HVAC foil tape, take the time to do so. Anything else, including the buildup of dirt and grime inside your systems, should be handled by the experts at Robillard. As always, replacing filters is an excellent and simple way to get your system running a bit better. Over time, dirt and other harmful particles will build upon the filters and get pushed into your home. It is best to eliminate this before it becomes a major issue.

For further heating system maintenance tips, get in contact with the team at Robillard. Our expertise can keep you warm throughout the upcoming fall and winter months, maximizing your heating system efficiency and lowering your heating cost.

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