While installing a new HVAC system is often a good idea, many homeowners can also extend the lifespan of their current system. With the correct practices and insider knowledge, you can easily achieve this. Whether you have been utilizing the same system for a while, or want to know how to properly care for your newly installed system, Robillard HVAC has the best methods for extending an HVAC system’s lifespan.

Ensure That Your System is a Good Fit

Having a system that lasts a lifetime begins with ensuring your system is appropriately suited for your home to begin with. If your system has not been installed by our team of HVAC experts, consider having us evaluate the current system. We can properly assess any problems, offering suggestions and preventing future issues. Additionally, systems that are too big or too small will struggle to last – as they will either struggle to reach your ideal temperature or reach it too fast. Once you have the right HVAC system installed, you can begin taking care of it.

Avoid Strain

To keep your system operating at maximum efficiency, avoid straining it too much. If temperatures hit a low during winter, your system should never be expected to get your home to summer temperatures for the entire day. Downtime is instrumental in extending HVAC system lifespan, as it gives the system a chance to rest. Having your system constantly pump heat throughout the entire day may feel comfortable, but it could cost you in the long run.

Air Filters and Ductwork

To keep your HVAC system healthy, you should consider changing the air filters every three months or so. Once filters become blocked with buildup, the system will need to work overtime to achieve the same results. By cleaning filters regularly, you can circumvent this situation entirely. If somebody in your home faces allergies or asthma, changing filters more often could even benefit their health. Beyond this, cleaning ducts can also help your system operate smoother.

Beyond The Basics

There are even more methods available to extend HVAC system lifespan, and many are easy to implement in your daily routine. Starting with your windows, you can close blinds/cover windows during the summer to keep sunlight out and your home cooler. The opposite also holds, keeping your house warmer in the winter. Ceiling fans are also an excellent option to aid your HVAC system, decreasing its workload by circulating air.

Annual Maintenance is a Must

Maintenance is a vital step for extending HVAC system lifespan, and luckily our team has the right methods to keep your system going for years to come. We work with a range of heating systems, from oil tanks and boilers to heat pumps and much more. We can maintain and repair your system throughout the year, and even offer 24/7 emergency maintenance in case something goes wrong.

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