Spring has come, and temperatures are quickly rising – though with this season comes many questions relating to HVAC. For example, what temperature should you be setting your thermostat to? And what energy saving tips are available for this transitionary period? Today we’ll cover all this and more, and get you closer to making the most of your season.

Thermostat Efficiency

Since temperatures can be wildly inconsistent this time of year, many homeowners struggle with their spring HVAC settings. The best option is to leave your thermostat at a temperature you are comfortable with, but still something close to the outdoor temperatures. For many, this will be somewhere in the 60’s, which strikes a nice balance. On top of this, make sure to adjust the temperature when nobody is home to eliminate unnecessary heating/cooling. 

A mistake that many homeowners make is that they adjust their thermostat to a much lower temperature when first turning on air conditioning. This can have negative effects, as it doesn’t cool your home any faster but results in unnecessary expenses. Your thermostat plays a major role in spring HVAC costs, so make sure to play close attention to your settings and reevaluate your options.

Windows & Fans

Windows play a big role in energy savings, especially during spring. With warmer temperatures, many homeowners leave their windows open throughout the day to enjoy the fresh air. While this can help prevent the need for constant heating/cooling, window coverings can help keep temperatures more consistent once things heat up outside. It is also important to note that windows should be closed whenever your HVAC system is operating, as this will go a long way towards keeping energy costs low. 

Fans are another versatile tool to combat changing temperatures and keep spring HVAC costs low. It is vital to remember that fans keep people cool, but don’t do much for the room itself – so be sure to shut off fans when you leave the room, keeping your energy bill low. A bathroom fan will also remove heat/humidity, which is especially useful when using the shower/bath.

The Importance of Maintenance

As always, maintenance is a major part of keeping your spring HVAC costs as low as possible and your system running as smoothly as possible. Beyond routine maintenance, you can also take small steps to keep your system operating properly. Avoid keeping sources of heat near your thermostat (such as lamps), as the thermostat will sense the heat and not get an accurate read of your home’s temperature. Also keep a tight control on dust buildup, which can cause issues with ductwork and filtration. Routine cleaning can greatly help your HVAC system.

This spring, follow these tips to keep your energy bill low and your HVAC system healthy. From your windows to your lighting, every aspect of your home plays an important role. With Robillard HVAC at your side, you can count on having a comfortable spring.

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