With fall rapidly approaching and temperatures continuing to drop, many homeowners are starting to wonder if their heating system is ready for the upcoming season. As you say goodbye to air conditioning and warm weather, you may want to consider these essential central heating system preparation tips.

Start With Your Thermostat

While you may want to start your preparation routine with the heating unit itself, your thermostat is just as important to your system health. Before you begin cranking the heat, Robillard HVAC recommends that you ensure the system is operating as intended. Start by turning the thermostat up until the system turns on. If the system successfully clicks on and remains running, great! However, if it clicks off after about 3 minutes, it is likely short cycling. Either your thermostat or heat exchanger is in need of replacement/repairs, so it is best to get this done before the cold creeps in. Get in touch with our team today, and we can get started on readying your heating system for fall.

Forced-Air System Suggestions

As always, filters are where many central heating system issues begin. We recommend that our customers check their filters once every month at the very least, replacing them when necessary or every three months. This should keep your filters clean and help reduce the chance of your heating system overworking itself.

Hot Water System Tips

With hot water heating systems, you should be sure to check for leaks. Turn your system on, letting the pressure and temperature rise, then check all pipes and valves for any potential leaks/signs of water. If you notice anything out of place, contact our team. Leaks can quickly turn into costly headaches, and result in unnecessary damage. Our specialists can take this inspection further, checking for many of the common issues and ensuring your system is ready for the season. 

With our preparation tips, your central heating system will be ready for the cooler temperatures. While many homeowners simply expect their system to be ready to go the second they are, it is best to get started beforehand on ensuring everything is working as intended. The team at Robillard is here to assist, and offer a range of repair services before the weather changes.

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