Ductless mini split systems are quickly becoming one of the most desired heating systems. Thanks to a wide array of benefits and advanced technology courtesy of Mitsubishi Electric, the systems offer many unique features that any homeowner will benefit from. With the winter becoming increasingly cold, heating your home is more important than ever. Luckily, with features like independent room control and advanced air filtration, ductless units are the best addition to your home this year.

Independent Room Control

With ductless mini split units, you have complete control over the temperature of the various rooms in your home. Independent room control allows you to individually heat specific rooms, saving money on heating expenses throughout the colder seasons. The system will take care of the most important spaces, quietly maintaining that temperature while using the lowest amount of energy needed. With independent room control, you can keep your most frequently used rooms nice and warm throughout the season.

Advanced Air Filtration

In months where you are not going outside or leaving windows open as often, air filtration is an excellent way to keep your living spaces clean. Ductless mini split systems constantly filter things like allergens, dust, and more to keep your living space clean and healthy. The filters found in ductless mini splits are also washable, saving you money in the long run. Keep your air moving throughout the year with our ductless mini split systems.

Maximize Efficiency & Cut Costs

While typical heating and air conditioning systems simply run at maximum power until turning off, ductless systems are a little bit different. Instead of constantly clicking on and off, the system has a heartbeat-like rhythm that allows it to remain active and keep the room at a consistent temperature. The silence of the system also allows it to keep your home heated without disrupting the environment.

Stay Comfortable This Winter With Ductless Mini Splits

With independent room control and much more, ductless mini splits are the perfect addition to your home. Our expert installers will take care of the entire process, allowing you to get started on a warmer (and more energy efficient) home sooner. Contact us today to learn more about our ductless mini split options, and see what makes Robillard a top HVAC company.

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