With the shifting of seasons, rain is a common concern for many homeowners. While your HVAC system is often overlooked when it comes to weather damage, it can be susceptible to issues from moisture and water. Water accumulation on the condenser can cause corrosion to the metal parts, mold growth, and even reduced efficiency. Check out some of our featured HVAC system weather tips.

Potential Water Damage

When it comes to rain and your air conditioner, the HVAC condenser is the primary area of concern. This component is located outside and is exposed to the elements. If water accumulates on the condenser, it can lead to costly damages. When the metal parts of your air conditioner become wet, they are prone to corrosion which can result in reduced efficiency and eventual breakdown of the unit itself. To be cautious, make sure your system is properly drying after storms. It is also recommended that the system is covered during prolonged periods of inactivity.

Mold & Mildew Concerns

Rain can cause harm to not only the HVAC unit, but also trigger mold growth. Mold thrives in environments with high humidity and can swiftly colonize any wet surface if left for over 24 hours. Once mold starts to grow, it can be difficult to eliminate and may result in various health issues. Be sure to keep an eye on your system and ensure that no mold is developing on the system itself. If you notice anything out of the ordinary, be sure to contact the team at Robillard HVAC.

HVAC System Weather Tips to Prevent Issues

Below are some steps you can take to safeguard your air conditioning unit against weather damage:

  • Clean up yard debris after storms, including branches and leaves, to prevent them from being blown onto or into your HVAC system
  • Ensure that the condenser is adequately drained to avoid water accumulation and mold development
  • Install a gutter or downspout to divert water away from the HVAC system
  • Consider investing in a cover for your air conditioner that will keep it dry during offseason rainstorms

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